Planning Your Trip to Mompiche


Located within Mompiche’s oceanside main street, Posada Hibisco has easy access to everything our village has to offer. Mompiche splits its reputation down the middle as both a sleepy fishing village, and also a town with a prominent surf culture. The incredible surf break that is steps from Posada Hibisco’s wooden gate, and visible from almost any point on the property. Enjoy the incredible views, watch the fishermen go about their business, or cheer for the surfers (both students and professionals) without ever having to leave your perfect home away from home. Raw and authentic adventure await you on one of Ecuador’s most spectacular jungle coastlines.



One of the most wonderful things about Mompiche is that the village is walkable, with everything accessible within a 10-15 minute walk. Most of Mompiche’s prominent restaurants, shops and studios on the pueblo’s main street are just steps away from Posada Hibisco, making this one of the best locations you can stay at! The village boasts a friendly atmosphere, where locals love to talk and show you what makes their home so special. Miles upon miles of oceanfront and jungle hikes are available that will take you from the North to South of Mompiche proper, touring you past the colorful fishing boats and left-hand surf break that has made the village famous.


The Longest Waves in Ecuador


Mompiche is best known for its surf, which is enjoyable whether you paddle out on a board or watch from the sand! This part of the Pacific coast has several surf seasons, with the best waves often occurring from December to February (during the dry season) and from May to April (when the ocean around the equator tends to swell). During these times, the conditions are absolutely world-class, and Mompiche becomes one the best places to most consistently score tropical waves. Ecuador’s best left-hand point break, Mompiche is ideal for people wanting to learn or improve on its user-friendly, sand-bottomed waves.


The Culture of Mompiche


Aside from guided Surf lessons and board rentals, there’s a myriad of other options to fill your schedule. Choose from an array of experiences such as hiking, snorkeling, mangrove tours, rainforest/nature hikes, SUP paddle boarding, horseback riding, massage, yoga and more! One of Mompiche’s most notable and unmissable experiences is night swimming with bioluminescent plankton. This phenomenon occurs up around Mompiche’s point, near the mangroves near the new moon. There is simply nothing like experience the ocean when it lights up from the waves, the rain, or your movements! Besides Mompiche Beach, there are several others playas to choose from to that gift you with a quiet, remote atmosphere that can be private, for you alone.



One of the best parts of Mompiche has nothing to do with surfing, or filling your schedule with unmissable activities. If you have come to the northwest of Ecuador to enjoy food, culture and relaxation — then you are also in luck! Afro-Ecuadorian culture thrives here and remains the true essence of what the Esmeraldas Province has to offer. Here, time is measured more by the tides than by the clock, and you are encouraged to rest and explore the town at your leisure. Thatched roof & bamboo buildings offer tropical foods such as coco frio, tropical fruits, cervezas and ceviche. This region is well-known from its encocado, patacones and bolon, comprised of local coconuts, fish and plantains. Enjoy these dishes to allow your palate to truly capture the essence of Mompiche.



The village itself is very calm, even at night. Though you can easily find a hostel bar or bonfire to stay up late and enjoy the camaraderie of others, you can also explore these beach-front restaurants during the day. Some of the best dishes are pizza at Chivo’s, coffee a La Facha, burgers and salad from La Chocolata. Or, you can venture out to Playa Negra or Isla Portete to get a glimpse of some villages and remote beaches that directly neighbor Mompiche. If you want some high-key fun, visit the local Decameron Hotel for their swimming pool, lounge chairs and other all-inclusive amenities! No matter what you do or where you go in Mompiche, your cup will be overflowing with tropical, Ecuadorian love and good vibes. 



The Northwest of Ecuador has four seasons: a rainy season from January to May, a dry season from June to September, another rainy season from October to November and another dry season from November to December. The people of Mompiche are characterized by their closeness, and their distinct connection to the land. Conservation has played a huge role here, with many biologists and scientists taking up posts to study this magical, vivid land. In recent years, the local community rose up to keep private companies from mining the black sands of Playa Negra for its silica, and that culture of conservation has persisted since.


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