Directions to Posada Hibisco

·  Final del Malécon, Mompiche, Esmeraldas, Ecuador 080301  ·

If you are driving yourselves from Quito, the easiest and safest route down is via Los Bancos, heading north out of Quito. At La Independencia, you'll cross over and head toward Pedernales. Once you get to Pedernales, you want the road heading north toward Esmeraldas. Then at the "y de Chamanga," take the right-hand fork to continue north. Along this same northern road, you'll see a big sign for the entryway to Mompiche. Turn left here for the final windy 13km - just go straight until you hit the ocean. All in, it takes around 6.5 hours from Quito, with incredible scenery the entire way down.

Once you are in Mompiche, to find Posada Hibisco, follow the main street until it meets the ocean. Take a left there and walk down one block to where the Malecón ends and the colorful fishing boats are parked. You'll see our hand-painted sign on the left as you get to the end of that street. Follow the arrow to walk back through the parking lot to our entryway - we are nestled in among the lush tropical garden!

If you need help with transport logistics to Mompiche, we can send you instructions and also have several trustworthy friends who run shuttle/transfer services for hire direct to Posada Hibisco from throughout Ecuador.


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