Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Posada Hibisco?

Please visit our Getting to Posada Hibisco page for directions, and map, and a photo of the front of the hotel! You are welcome to contact us after booking to ask for more specific details, or for help arranging transportation from any place in Ecuador.

What can I do in Mompiche?

Mompiche is the perfect place to sit back and relax, explore the rainforest and mangroves, or take classes in fishing and surfing. The choice is yours! Read our Visiting Mompiche page to learn about these activities.

At the time of your visit, the waves are perfect for learning to surf. We can help to organize surf classes run by a handful of really great local instructors, no matter your level of expertise. Let us know if we can help!

Will I need to bring cash?

Mompiche has a single ATM machine in the village, and the new electronic "mini-banks" in local stores are often out of service. Your best bet is to bring cash from outside, and only in bills of $20 or smaller.

What is available to buy in Mompiche?

The small stores in town now have a much better variety of products to offer than ever before... However, if you need any sort of "specialty" items (such as specific medicines, natural repellent, good coffee, wine, etc.), it's best to bring them with you, both in the interest of economizing and to ensure availability



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